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Music has always been a massive part of my life. I have been playing guitar for close to 20 years and I grew up surrounded by music, being taught guitar by my father from a young age. 

Pursuing a career in music has always been a dream of mine. I studied music and music technology from GCSE to A Level to University, culminating in achieving a first degree in BA Hons Popular Music.  I have always wanted to make music accessible to all, regardless of background, ability, age or situation and this has been something that I have focused on alongside performing, composing and music production. 

I started teaching guitar as a teenager as a part time job alongside studying for my A levels. Throughout university I focused on community music, music technology and making music accessible to all through community music. I have always been in bands, written & produced music and performed live wherever I have been and whatever I have been doing. 

Since graduating from university in 2013 I have been regularly running workshops, teaching guitar, ukulele, bass & production, giving talks in schools, colleges and universities on music, community music & making music accessible and writing and producing music both for myself and other artists. 

In 2017 I coordinated the revival of the Swansea Fringe Festival and also co-founded the Swansea Music Hub - all contributing to making music more accessible to all.