Music Production

Simon Parton Music Production teacher Swansea.JPG
I love having Simon as a teacher! He is enthusiastic, encouraging and so nice! His methods of teaching are good too! I would highly recommend!!
— Pupil, aged 11

A big passion of mine is music production. I've been using technology to make music since I was a teenager and now using the skills I have learnt through my studies and through my experience as a music producer to teach others. Technology is an amazing tool when it comes to making music as it increasingly is becoming more accessible to all ages and abilities. 

What I like to do in my lessons is take my students through all steps of making music and developing as a musician / producer. I like to show students how easy it is to access and make music using different tools, but also how to develop this, expand on techniques and learn the intricate details of how music production works. 

  • Use professional music technology to learn how to produce music.

  • I currently can teach on Logic Pro 9, Logic Pro X and Garageband (all Apple based software).

  • Learn how to make music on your phone / tablet.

  • Option to work through Rockschool Music Production grades.

  • Look at various production techniques including MIDI, editing & recording audio, sequencing, arranging, recording live audio, microphones, mixing, mastering and more.

  • Work in a variety of genres of focus in the genre that you want to focus on.

  • I have experience in creating and working on tracks that fall into the following genres: pop, electronic, dance, grime, hip hop, indie, rock, jazz, classical, soundtrack, reggae, acoustic, singer songwriter, metal, folk and more.

  • Learn about synthesis, sampling, recording, using hardware and more.

  • Learn how to make music on your own at home!

My current rate for music production lessons are £15.00 for half and hour and £30.00 for an hour. I always suggest an hour for music production lessons to ensure enough time for creativity. 

These rates are flexible depending on location and bulk booking discount. Please don't hesitate to contact me for more information.