Music Workshops

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In my final year of university I focused on community music and how I could develop my teaching skills into delivering music workshops. Since graduating I have been delivering a range of music workshops in a number of settings with a huge variety of groups and communities. I have experience in working in schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, youth groups, with NEETS, football clubs, museums and more. 

Making and learning about music in a group is a fantastic way of learning new skills, increasing confidence and self esteem, team building, problem solving and using creativity to express yourself. I always like to structure workshops to have an end product, so most workshops work towards the creation of an original piece of music created by participants.  

Creating music is something that most people think is impossible or really difficult. By using technology and interactive techniques I break down how easy music making can be and show participants that through creating professional sounding music in a short space of time is something they should take forward into all walks of life - adapting this thought to other things that they may find hard / impossible in the future.  

I always ensure that each workshop is fun & engaging and ensure that all participants are comfortable at all times - adapting my approach to all learning styles and needs is something I am very passionate about. 

Workshops can last from as short as 1 hour to +5 days and can be designed for participants of all ages & abilities and for those interested in music or not. 

In terms of group size, the best group size for participants to learn in depth about music making, songwriting and production is between 5 and 7, but I have experience in working with group sizes up to 50. Please contact me to discuss this if you are interested! 

Here are some key features of my music workshops:

  • Learn how technology works in creating a professional sounding piece of music - in a genre chosen by participants.

  • Use a microphone to record participants voices to break down barriers and increase confidence and self esteem.

  • Use music technology and traditional instruments (guitar, ukulele, drums etc...) to create a backing track made up entirely by participants.

  • Lyric writing activities - participants express themselves by writing lyrics about whatever they want or based on a specific subject/topic.

  • Improve knowledge about music, music technology, the music industry, STEM, recording, songwriting and more.

  • Increase confidence, team building, problem solving, planning, organisation, self-esteem and more.

  • Learn how to take skills forward to make and access music independently.

  • Learn about the music industry and how to "make it" as a musician.

  • Create an original piece of music

  • Learn how to promote yourself and an artist

  • Workshops in Swansea, South Wales or UK wide (travel will be factored into price).

  • Use the session as a fun team building / activity day for your group, school or company.

For more information, a bespoke workshop or to request a quote for one of my music workshops, please email